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Indoor Home Aquaponics Automation

Built a custom PLC-based control box for my home system. User interface provided by open-source EPICS control system software.

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Claude Saunders says:

I think it was something like $90 (a couple years ago). I see they shutdown the online ordering until they are back from vacation, so the prices aren’t visible.

Ne' Hopkins says:

Great! I just went to their site, bummer they are closed for 2 weeks. They do not have the pricing anywhere I can see it. What is the ball park on prices?

Claude Saunders says:

It’s the unit from super-feeder-dot-com It’s one of the few that can be powered and triggered by a single external 12V – 24V line.

Ne' Hopkins says:

What is the name of your fish feeder?

SimpleHumman says:

ahhh, VERY, VERY AWESOME! The automation and data capturing is really cool! Have you been able to use any of the data to make adjustments to growing the food more efficiently? Or maybe to flow rates of the water? Has the data showing anything unusual that you didn’t expect? Curious to know thanks!

gadzometer says:

I must admit that you have inspired me mate, :)

Claude Saunders says:

Thanks for the tip. I know I could do this much cheaper with something like you mention (or Arduino). I intentionally chose a PLC, though, because the greenhouse environment is very harsh, and PLC’s are designed to tolerate wide temperature and humidity swings. Having said that, I could probably buy 2 controllers for the cost of 1 PLC :)

Claude Saunders says:

Thanks! I did another one of these for a greenhouse, and built it with much better wire management :) The pH sensor is a sealed unit, so no topping up. I think it’s supposed to last about 5 years. It came very well calibrated, and hasn’t drifted since, but I did check it with calibration solutions. One thing I noticed is that some pumps leak current into the water and screw up the pH reading. Good luck!

gadzometer says:

Oh I should mention though, the programming in the red lion is done using a version of C and not ladder. I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem but some people may find C harder than ladder logic.

gadzometer says:

If you use a red lion controller, it is very cheap and has built in web server so that you can have the HMI (graphs, controls etc) programmed and stored in the PLC itself. And you can access it with any web browser.

gadzometer says:

Good job mate. I’m a control system engineer and have been thinking of doing something like this for some time now. Does the pH sensor require any regular recalibration or liquids/materials that need to be topped up? i.e. is the pH maintenance free?

RichyJam2011 says:

Great vids dude. Watched them all, very informative

Aaron Swank says:

loved allyour videos!

K Kingsley says:

Wow, you outdid yourself with this automation system!

AquaponicsNYC says:

So very cool… I’ve been dreaming about doing this when I build my greenhouse this summer as I plan on leaving it for half the week. However, most people will tell you to feed the fish yourself when you can because their behavior changes when something is amiss… I wonder if you can find ammonia and nitrite sensors.

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