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Hydrofarm AELH Active Eye Green LED Head Light

This green LED headlight convenient, practical, hands free lamp has 17 high intensity LED bulbs that can be used with different settings. Light can be tilted to maximize its efficiency. 100,000+ hours of burn time. Uses three AAA batteries, not included. 1-Year warranty. This product weighs 0.3-pound. Measures 5-1/4-inch length by 4-inch width by 7-1/4-inch [Read More...]

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy is produced through the heat from the Earth. Aired January 2, 2014 Kawan ng Cordero is the only Bible-based kiddie show on television. It s…


Few countries in the world are as energy independent as Costa Rica. The small central American nation already produces 90% of its electricity from renewable …

Sunforce 50048 60W Solar Charging Kit

The Sunforce 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit gives you several more reasons to love the sun. Perfect for cabins, recreational vehicles, remote power, back-up power, 12V battery charging and more, this kit comes with everything you need to start producing up to 60 watts/4 amps of clean, free power in all weather conditions. It is also [Read More...]

Dr. Walter Bradley – Creating Innovations Utilizing Renewable Resources

Dr. Walter Bradley gave a presentation to Oklahoma State University faculty, staff and students about his experiences converting agricultural waste into natu…

New Wind Turbine Technologies

New Wind Turbine Technologies The new wind-lens turbine A Japanese research group is working on a new technique that could triple the output of wind power ge…

How to grow weed (hydroponic) indoors part 1


Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Model

Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Mini Model Project Sri Lanka.

Solar Cells Lecture 1: Introduction to Photovoltaics

This introduction to solar cells covers the basics of PN junctions, optical absorption, and IV characteristics. Performance metrics such as efficiency, short…

Vertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get Started

Have you ever thought you didn’t have enough space to grow what you wanted? Hopefully after today you will feel inspired! With vertical gardening techniques …

Vertical Gardening Ideas, Green Walls

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The Contortionist-Ebb & Flow

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Ultraseven – Solar Energy Operation 1994

Ultra Seven – Solar Energy Operation 1994 Enemigos: Pitt-Seijin, Eleking Treinta años después de la batalla final con Pandon reconstruido, Ultraseven cae sob…

Episode #7: Off The Grid Perimeter Security 101 – Gary’s Living Off The Grid Project

When you are off the grid, security just doesn’t go out the window because you can no longer see your neighbors. Matter of fact your security becomes just th…

Fat Guys In The WoodsS01E02 Living Off The Grid

Fat Guys In The WoodsS01E02 Living Off The Grid Fat Guys In The WoodsS01E02 Living Off The Grid Fat Guys In The WoodsS01E02 Living Off The Grid Fat Guys In T…

BBC South coverage of the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC)

BBC South Today covered a story on the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) and the proposed plans to bring a tidal farm to the Isle of Wight.

Dr. Will Hooker lecture 1 of 38 on Permaculture Organic Farming – Overview and introduction

Dr. Hooker overviews the course and talks about his extensive 15+ experience in permaculture and 32 yrs of teaching at NC State.

Permaculture Backyard Blitz

A group of Permaculture students transform the backyard of Santos Trading Mullumbimby (Health Food store) from a high-maintainance-no-yield to a low-maintain…

Minecraft XB1/PS4 Renewable Energy Achievement/Trophy Guide

Minecraft XB1/PS4 Renewable Energy Achievement/Trophy Guide.

Alternative Energy: Pros and Cons

This is my final video project for EARTS 6008. Lesley University, Sacramento CA Cohorts. I used DOWNLOAD HELPER which is an add-on to the MAC. It instantly c…