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Off The Grid Building

Full Documentary By Greg Grant and Linda Vigil – Building and living off the grid in a self-built solar powered pyramid. Music on: Linda’s youtube channel: http://www.youtu…

Tekkit Builds – Infinite Geothermal Energy

A Tekkit build which gives you unlimited power for an affordable price! Equipment: – Building blocks – 2 Filters – 1 Retriever – 1 Solar panel (RedPower) – 1…

CA Energy – Geothermal Plants

Learn how the natural heat in the Earth is converted into useable energy.

Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light w/ Red & Blue LED Spectrum for Indoor Plant Growing

Apollo Horticulture understands that proper lighting is essential for healthy plant growth. Our new innovated and easy to install LED Grow Lights do just that. Compared to other grow lights, LEDs are attractive because they do not require ballasts and produce considerably less heat. This allows Apollo Horticulture LEDs to be placed closer to the [Read More...]

Living in a Truck Camper – OFF THE GRID

Living full-time in my Northern Lite truck camper and camping in the National Forest.

Living Off the Grid

One of the best and most comprehensive films we have seen about living offgrid. From renewable technology with solar photovoltaics for electricity, to flat p…

Thermal Energy for Eighth Grade

Describes the properties of thermal energy at an eighth grade level.


Science Project (Funny)

Blue-Green Algae & Spirulina

Subscribe for free to Dr. Greger’s videos at Donate at DESCRIPTION: The risks associ…

Green Hair Algae Removal From a Saltwater Reef Aquarium

0133 Green hair algae had taken over my 29 gallon saltwater aquarium because I had neglected to clean it and perform water changes ov…

Brightest Indoor Grow Light (1200 W LED)

This is the brightest and strongest LED growlight that we sell. You can grow quite a bit of cannabis with this light. The light is so intense that we had to …

LED Grow lights perfect for indoor gardens. DIY

LED Grow lights perfect for indoor gardens. DIY These LED grow lights are super low power and uses Red and Blue super bright LEDs. They are perfect for the i…

LED Versus HPS | Grow Light Comparison | Lumigrow vs. Hortilux 600 watt | Best 600w Light?

Lumigrow is available here:

Pink Floyd – Ebb And Flow

Buy this album:…

Misery Signals – Ebb and Flow

Misery Signals Ebb and Flow.

Commercial Aquaponic System Build Part 1

Final Design update on the large aquaponic/hydroponic system. For more information on the in-line mineralization Aquaponics Asia can be contacted at: aquapon…

Aquaponics System Design – Setup and Maintenance Costs

I have been running the system in the basement now for coming up on a year now and have recently completed all of the grow lights and grow media needed for f…

Gardening Rhythms: Vertical Garden /Succulents Part 2

0125 This is the second of three parts of vertical gardens featured at Flora Grubb in San Fransico. Robin takes us though the ins …

Recycle Urban Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces

Recycle Urban Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces If you live in the city …

How to Install a Grow Light into a Grow Tent – Tutorial

0123 Learn how to effectively install a grow light in a grow tent – one of the bare essentials of your grow room and an integral par…