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NW Energy Talks – Tidal Energy Project

An interview with Craig C. on the PUD’s Tidal Energy Pilot project.

2008/09 – 1/10th scale Tidal energy device “Evopod” in operation

Tidal Energy: Oceanflow Energy – EVOPOD Tidal Turbine. Tidal energy device installed in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. Oceanflow Energy are a UK based c…

Siemens Wind Power G4 Platform Animation

0662 Siemens Wind Power has a proven track record in delivering offshore wind projects. The 3.6-MW and 4.0-MW wind turbines of the G…

Wind Power Pros and Cons

A jesidas stop motion animation A short video on the Pros and Cons of Wind Power.

Why large wind turbines need Blade Pitch Control.

This video explains the reason for the pitch control on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines.

Growing Weed – Marijuana Plant In Aeroponics Set-up – 6 Weeks

For more information, visit: This video shows the status of my marijuana plant grown using the aeroponics set-up. The aeroponic…

Feed Me – Ebb & Flow (feat. Tasha Baxter)

Subscribe to GodLike™ | Dubstep: Brand new Album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ by Feed Me! Released on his new Record Label ‘Sotto Voce.’ ✘ Avail…

[HD]Nagi no Asukara OP [ebb and flow] Band cover

凪のあすから OP ebb and flow を演奏してみました。 [Vocal] 月乃雛 – Tsukino Hina [Guitar] 白目 – shirome [Keyboard] Dandee [Bass] 宇佐田らび – Usada Lavi [Drums] AZU.

Alternative energy for SHTF

These are some economical solar panels i got a couple of years ago just incase things went south with the grid here.

The Tongue – Alternative Energy

The Tongue, Alternative energy, Elefant Traks.

Calorimetry Part 1: How to Calculate Thermal Energy (Q)


Thermal Energy.

Mrs. Araya shows us an example of how heating molecules make them move faster and expand.

The Agro Rebel – Permaculture in Salzburg Alps

Website: DVD: D…

Permaculture with Jack Spirko Part 11 – Understanding Zones

Today in the permaculture series we begin an examination of zone based design. The key take away from today is that zones are not hard and fast rules but mor…

Aquaponics at Worm’s Way Indiana

Watch as Worm’s Way Garden Expert, Roger, shows off their aquaponics set up! Stop by your local Worm’s Way to get the majority of the items needed for this s…

Jon Parr, Fishnet Aquaponics. Aquaponics Day 1 review

Jon Parr, founder of Fishnet Aquaponics, recaps the content from his Aquaponics Day 1 class. You can learn more about Fishnet Aquaponics at www.fishnetaqupao…

Wind Energy Basics

This video provides an overview of the National Wind Technology Center and its research. Video produced for NREL by Fireside Production. We have been harness…

Wind Energy

You can’t see it or hold it, but scientists estimate that wind has the potential to supply the world’s electricity five times over while producing almost no …

Vertical Gardening Update, Tips & Tricks

After almost a year using the Mittleider gardening method I have some updates, tips and tricks I want to share to help you simplify, and improve your vertica…

Control Techniques utility scale PV inverter systems – Animation of a photovoltaic power plant

Control Techniques SPV systems offer a range of transformerless central inverters for PV installations from 145kWp to 1.76MWp. Each inverter is constructed u…