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Non Renewable Resources

Video created by Towsifa Akhter & Mana Singh Music: “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra (instrumental) Video Clips: “World Without Oil” by National …

Live Better with Solar, Live Better with Renewable Resources

Our newest TV ad, now playing on News 12 CT.

How to Make a Grow Light – LED grow light DIY v2 – Short version

Since the original version were more thsn 30 min I’ve made a more compressed version. The second version of my LED grow light. The Plan is to have three of t…

LED Grow light system 2014 latest product for indoor gardening- how to assemble a light kit

0366 We have been thinking a grow light that could easy to use(change) lighting bands(that special spectrum) for different pla…

Pros and Cons of Concentrated Solar Power

Craig Shields talks about Concentrated Solar Power.

The 2012 OblinArk® hydrokinetic power barge 90-180KW or free stream energy converter FSEC

The 2012 OblinArk® hydrokinetic power barge 90 – 180KW free stream energy converter FSEC or hydrostatic-pressure converter HPC OblinArk® manufacture hydrokin…

Bouncer Shiro – Stream Energy CEO – MBC 212 Event


Alternative Energy Daydreams

How much to suffer on the Odyssey to Utopia?

Alternative Energy and the Americas

Stanford R. Ovshinsky has been called “the modern world’s most important energy visionary.” His career has combined path-breaking scientific work, the creati…

La Crosse Technology 810-106 NOAA/AM/FM Severe Weather Alert Radio with solar panel or hand crank recharging power, USA-made IC chip for High Quality Digital reception, mobile device charging port, rugged design with non-slip rubberized black finish and high intensity LED flashlight

This portable NOAA weather band AM/FM radio is a superior product. The USA-made IC chip provides high quality digital radio. It features a higher output hand crank than competition at 1 minute of crank time equaling 30 minutes of operation. It features a high quality solar panel with 1/3 more charging capacity than competition. Bright [Read More...]

RV Solar Generator – Portable Solar Energy Generator

0360 RV Solar Generator – Portable Solar Energy Generator If you’re worried about the rising cost of electricity or gas to maintain your home…

A Robotic lawn mower powered by Solar Energy with an Arduino heart

This robot will mow the grass of your garden, staying within a defined area, avoiding all obstacles and working in complete autonomy, automatically charging …

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY – ADI-SMCS Grand Energy Debate 2013

ATENEO DE ILOILO Santa Maria Catholic School High School Department Science Program Pison Avenue, San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City Grand Energy Debate 201…

Glenn School Research — Geothermal Energy

Dr. Jeffrey Bielicki works with teams of researchers at the University of Minnesota, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and The Ohio State University to…

vertical gardening design and ideas – vertical garden planters

For more model visit vertical gardening by wall garden. make your home and garden by vertical gardening.

Vertical garden barrel planter

Vertical gardening is one of the most space-efficient ways to grow. I show you how to build your own vertical garden planter from a recycled plastic barrel t…

Green Algae Machine

Alfonz Viszolay and Alexandria explain the principles and workings of the Green Algae Machine at Ecoversity in Santa Fe. Algae for Carbon sequestration, Food…

ABC News Breakfast – Blue-Green Algae and Motor Neuron Disease

Australian researchers have discovered how BMAA, a neurotoxin from blue-green algae, can cause damage in the central nervous system. “BMAA mimics an amino ac…

Three Popular Hydroponic Systems by Hydrocentre

We discuss the Solo system – a manual systems that can be converted to Gravity, pump or solar pump to make it automatic. From $55* (at time of recording) and…

Deep Water Hydroponic System- Easy to Grow Tomatoes

I wanted to show off my monster Heirloom Hill Billy Tomato growing in DWC. A VR for Brock @ My Greenhouse project. Hydroponic Tomatoes.